Dwarf vs standard sized african violets

I’m a big fan of dwarf african violets – these (as opposed to their larger cousins) are really what got me interested in these plants and it is these that I primarily grow. I bought a couple of standard sized plants today (going cheap from a closing down garden centre) and the difference is quite amazing. The leaves of my new plants are probably 5-10 times the area of my typical dwarfs.

Compared to my dwarf varieties, the standard types look a bit ‘gawky’ and dare I say it old-fashioned. I think that if people saw a few of the dwarf types available, the popularity of african violets would increase as younger people looking for more contemporary house plants would have a different option. I’ve yet to see dwarf plants available at any of my local garden centres or the general chains.

I think I’ll collect up a few of our miniature specimens and see if any of the nearby garden centres are interested in stocking some…

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