African violet leaves – can you buy and grow?

African violet leaf cuttings

African violet leaf cuttings

In a previous article I explained that I wanted to test whether african violet leaves that have been detached from a plant for four days (mimicking potential postage time-scales if bought from a supplier, on eBay say) would still make viable leaf-cuttings. Well the leaves have been sat in their jars of water for a few days now and all the leaves appear be ‘alive’ (even the ones simply left open to the air). I was quite surprised at how ‘well’ the leaves (and particularly the stems) looked after being left for so long. Most articles regarding leaf (and other) cuttings tell you to get the leaves/stems etc. into their growing medium (in this case water) as quickly as possible.

I’ll report back once/if any of the leaf-cuttings sprout some roots – so far so good.

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