African violet leaves – can you buy and grow?

African Violet Roots

In a previous article I explained that I wanted to test whether african violet leaves that have been detached from a plant for four days (mimicking potential postage time-scales if bought from a supplier, on eBay say) would still make viable leaf-cuttings.

About two weeks ago, all of the leaves developed roots and are now just about ready to plant out in compost.

I trialled the following types of ‘treatment’ for four days after making the leaf cuttings and prior to adding the stems to water:

  1. Air-tight plastic
  2. Sealed paper pocket
  3. No container

All the leaves were successful, even those simply left on a dark shelf with no attempt to maintain their moisture! Also, the time taken for root development was not significantly different to some ‘control’ cuttings taken at the same time but added to water immediately.

I think that I may now feel a bit safer about purchasing a few leaves for some unusual varieties that I’ve seen and seeing how they go.

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