Types of Leaf Cutting

African violet leaf cuts

African violet leaf cuts

Having tried the method of propagating whereby you put leaf cuttings (the stem tip) in water and then transfer the rooted leaves (some weeks later) to compost – I wanted to discover whether planting leaf cuttings directly into compost would yield quicker results.

I thought I would take this opportunity to try different types of cut to see whether the results differed (and in the case of the lateral cut – i in the image) whether it propagated at all…

The image shows the types of cut made; i. Lateral along centre line, ii. 2-3mm cut from the bottom of the leaf, iii. Approx 10mm of stem left in tact and iv. Approx. 5mm of stem left in tact. The cuttings were made and planted out today (17 November 2012) and we’ll see how it goes…

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