Parts of an African Violet Flower

Private Parts of Flowers

Had a few minutes to kill and my african violets aren’t doing much at the moment (well they’re doing about as much as they usually do but I’m not taking any more photos of them until I get a camera that doesn’t try and make everything look blue…). So anyway, thought I’d be lazy this week and just post up a picture of plant genitals.

In case you’re interested – the anthers are the ‘male’ parts (hold the pollen) and together with the filament (that supports them) this forms the stamen. The stigma is the ‘female’ part (accepts the pollen). This is worth knowing if you want to try pollinating your own plants as you need to transfer the pollen to the stamens. (There’s an earlier blog on here somewhere about pollinating). A couple of other points – the sepals are basically the outer parts of the initial flower bud which give way eventually to the flower. The stigma sits on top of a pollen tube which connect to the flower’s ovary via the style.

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