African violet leaves and seeds for sale

MagenticaWe have been successfully selling our own dwarf african violet plants through our website – – for some time now. In fact, the response we’ve had has been so good that we have decided to branch out (no pun intended, honest) to selling leaves for some of our popular plants such as ‘Magentica’ shown on the left and ‘Candy Mania’ shown below. These are hybrids that we have grown ourselves, originally from seed obtained by crossing various different varieties of miniature african violets.

CandyManiaWe have also started to sell seeds obtained from cross fertilisation of hybrid plants (there is a post from last year on this blog that gives some information on fertilising african violets). Growing from seed has to be one of the most rewarding experiences (from a horticultural standpoint – there are probably more exciting past times generally speaking…), especially when you don’t know exactly what type of flowers and you are going to get! It’s not just the flowers either, you also have various different leaf types too in terms of size, colour and shape

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