An Impostor… Revealed

Many moons ago I reported on a strange plant growing among my african violet seedlings (a post from last October in case you’re interested – please tell me you’re not that interested!). Anyway, I promised to say what it was as soon as I knew and now I know (actually I’ve known for a couple of months but forgot to blog about it).

Erigeron karvinskianus

Erigeron karvinskianus

I hoped that I had discovered some bizarre new form of african violet which would take the ¬†Gesneriad world by storm. But no…

It appears that the plant in question was an erigeron karvinskianus. This is basically an ornamental daisy and I grew some from seed a couple of years back for the garden. I have no idea how it got where it did but hey ho, there are worse plants out there. (Actually it’s a fantastic little plant as it is perennial and produces loads of small daisy like flowers in whites and pinks – good in patio pots and even hanging baskets).

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