Leaf Cutting Tip for African Violets

I’ve tried a number of ways to try and maximise the productivity of my plants in terms of propagating from leaf-cuttings.

Splitting Leaves

Cut down the middle of the central vein

A recent trial of dividing individual leaves in half by cutting down the central vein of the leaf and planting both halves has proved extremely effective! The last time I tried this I got 18 new plants from 10 leaves (one leaf wasn’t up to it but that happens to best of us!).

A couple of things to remember – use a sharp knife or scalpel and ensure that you end up with equal amounts of vein and stem material for each half.

I also ensured that the leaf halves were sat quite deep in the compost so that the base of the leaf itself was just in the compost by a half a centimeter or so.

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