Eucodonia – African Violet meets Streptocarpus

Here is a fascinating little house plant that we have started to grow and is a relative of the african violet (being in the same family of Gesneriaceae). From what I can deduce from various sources, the genus Eucodonia was initially part of the Achimenes genus but has been split off on its own.


African violet relative – Eucodonia

Eucodonia are like a cross between african violets and streptocarpus with the leaves having varying degrees of downiness (like an african violet) but with pronounced veins like a streptocarpus. The flowers tend to be shades of blue and violet and are not unlike streptocarpus blooms in their shape.

Like african violets, Eucodonia can be propagated reasonably easily from leaf cuttings or by division of the scaly rhizomes that are produced.

We have now started to offer plug plants and seeds of this unusual plant for those who fancy growing something a little bit different – see our website (

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