Hybridizing African Violets

African violet seed pods

African violet seed pods

Happy New Year to everyone who reads my african violet blog!

Sometimes you find that someone else has done something far better than you can manage and I’ve had one of the those moments this morning. I came across a fantastic article by a lady called Rachel who explained (far better than I could manage), with some great drawings, how to pollinate your own african violets. I was saddened to see on the home page that she passed away in 2008. I hope that her family and friends will not mind me mentioning the site as in my mind there is something quite uplifting to think that although Rachel has passed on her writing lives on and people around the world may be following her advice.

The web page is http://www.rachelsreflections.org/hybridizing.htm and is definitely worth a visit if you fancy having a go at hybridizing your own african violets.

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