Leaf Cuttings – Making the Most of them…

Leaf Cuttings

Watch out for extra plantlets!

I’ve been checking over the latest batch of leaf cuttings and thought I’d mention a quick tip (that’s probably a bit of an exaggeration as this is probably not news to most people…). Anyway, if you’re lucky with your leaf cuttings you will find that rather than one plant, a few may actually have developed with their own root systems. These can be carefully separated by teasing the roots apart and ensuring that the stems and leaves don’t catch on each other when you pull the little plants apart. I only attempt re-potting these plants when they have several (3-5) leaves showing.
In fact, separating the plants at an early stage allows all of them to develop stronger and quicker (as with most plants).
Finally, if you try this and you break off what appears to be some stem and leaves with no roots, it is always worth planting these in very moist compost as they may still ‘take’ and develop roots.

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