Streptocarpus Saxorum

Streptocarpus saxorum

Streptocarpus saxorum (False African Violet)

It’s been a long time since my last post but I’ve had a busy few months and have now propagated a number of plants for a variety of Gesneriad species. One of these is Streptocarpus saxorum, a member of the Streptocarpella sub-genus within the Streptocarpus genus.

Also, known as the “false african violet”, it’s easy to see why as it looks like a cross between an african violet (leaves) and a Streptocarpus (flowers). I’ve tried both leaf and stem cuttings of this species and both have worked well (although the leaf propagation takes a lot longer). I’m now desperately trying to find space for a hanging basket as I think that these plants may have a tendency to trail and think this would look great.

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